Mar 22, 2011

Susah sgt ke nk jadi engineer????? hhhhhhmmmm.

It seems that anybody can do my job as an engineer with a govt link company..
The criteria that u must have are:

1. able to speak and write english, bahasa malaysia but mandarin is preferable.
2. able to walk 2-3 km a day in the hot sun, rain or whatever weather that this state able to hit you.
3. thick skin (muka tebal).. direst transalation,hahahaha.
4. able to socialize: make joke and people do understand.
5. able to push paper to the relevent people.
6. the most important, tak senang dpt home sick.

So, why do I need a degree at the first place. for me personally, i think that anybody who finish their spm can work at my company as a engineer.
So to all new SPM student or school leaver, if you already got your result why dont you apply for my position. maybe you are better at this than me.. the pay is good plus benefit.

So, why am i still here?? only god knows.... maybe here is where i belong.
But,my resignation letter is already in my laptop , waiting to be printed. so what is stopping me from sending it in the morning. NOTHING !!!! NITE NITE


Khairil Zahari said...

Whay Why oh why???

-aL- said...

oh whyyyyyyyyyy. Oh why.. hahaha... JEKS WELCOMES U =P