Nov 24, 2008

HoliDAY... is CoMing to An END

In exactly 1 week, the holiday for student of UNITEN is over... sekejap gila rasa coz mcm yesterday je buat final exam foundation smpi vote to predict ur foundation result pun masih ada lagi dekat tepi sidebar..
( to the person yg letak, plz tutup je voting coz result pun dh nak kuar!!!)

so what did you do during ur holiday??? for me just makan and tido, tgk anime and catching up wit all my series ( heroes, fringe, how i met ur mother, house, naruto, gossip girl, prison break,chuck ... mcm ada lagi tp lupa) so that is how i spend my holiday !!

hope u all ada more interesting holiday than mine and hopefully more beneficial than mine..
P/S: this is my last semester in UNITEN, insyallah.. hopefully tak stress mcm sem lepas, hahaha

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