Nov 19, 2008

Faliq's Busana Masarrah

Notification: This is a paid advertisment... (Hehehehehe... I'm so gonna collect money from him)

Our dear friend Faliq and his mother have ventured into the world of ladies attire and they've opened a boutique Called Busana Masarrah. It is located in Selayang Mall, Selayang, Selangor.

This Boutique specializes in Muslim Ladies Attire where you can find beautiful Baju Kurungs, Blouses and other flowing dresses. Also on sale at the boutique are ranges of tudungs and accessories for who emphasize on style while still abiding to the teachings of Islam.

The clothes are made from 100% cotton cloth material to suit the Malaysian hot and humid weather and to ensure the comfort of the wearer.

On top of that, the most interesting part of this boutique is that they provide hassle-free online shopping. So, you can order anything from their boutique and they'll have those mailed direct to your address.

You can also visit them at Busana Masarrah, Lot GP 5A Ground Floor Selayang Mall Jln SU9 Taman Selayang Utama 68100 Bt Caves. Any queries or orders can be directed to their email at Or else, You can always call them at these numbers 0192127779/ 0193733476.

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kiyuu said...

siapakah gerangan wanita yg berposing itu? faliq ker? :P