Nov 11, 2008

The OMG story of a guy


Well, it all began one fine morning on 11 November 2008, where i was forced to wake up early to collect a cheque and do banking stuff for my dad. I woke up at 10, being my awfully time tracker dad who I knew would call at that time to check on the progress. Then mum woke up at 1045 and soon we went to collect the cheque. Before that, another request was made by my dad to deliver the workers pay to a supervisor of his in Seremban, so I dropped my mum at the bank to bank in the cheque and withdraw the money to be sent while I went over to the nearest petrol station for gas. I was so engrossed with reading the news while filling my car that I hadn’t notice that it was already full until I reached the 3rd page on the paper.

Then it was time to wait for my mum to finish up her banking stuff, so I decided to go round the block partly was because there was no space to double park. Took her around 10 minutes to call me to get over to the bank, so then I stopped by at the front of the bank. Well, carrying a lot of money, my mother and I were keeping an eye out for YOU KNOW WHO, and I happen to notice this guy scurrying over to his vehicle. I didn’t feel suspicious at first due to the fact that the MPSJ were working hard on that day making everyone rushing over to pay their tickets. Not bothering the man, I started my journey to the next destination, Seremban. Stopping at the traffic light, I spoke to my mum, “Hey, look at that funny guy at the back (two cars away) asking directions. There they one with the cap and sun glasses on.” My mum looking at the other direction,” Where? I only see the other guy running across the road.” So then the traffic light turn green and we continued our journey. Well, I wanted to take the old road, but mum decided on the highway, so highway it was.

Driving at 110km/h (approximation, XP), I felt my car was acting up. I asked my mum about it and she said, “Haihya, the road very cacat la. Nothing 1 la.” So again not bothering it i kept on driving till finally. BANG!!! Went down and guess what, my tyre on the rear left was flat till the rim had patterns on it. Looking closely at the mark, I saw a mark which I had seen before, THE MARK!!! Of someone cutting your tires. Knowing it, I told my mum who decided to sit in the car while I hurry over to fix the flat. Well, being clumsy today, I jacked my car up, then asked my mum to release the hand brakes to i could check on the tyres for any other signs. Forgetting that i told my mum to release the hand brake, i accidentally pushed the car forward while trying to take my spare from the back which caused to jack to overturn and my car sitting directly on the floor without a rear.... OUCH... then feeling dumb I continued to re- jack my car up again but this time, my mum who was shocked from the sudden drop came out and hold the umbrella for me.

While busy working, suddenly my mum noticed a guy who was walking over from the other side of the road. My mum said he was from PROPEL, the company who manages ELITE highway. So looking up I saw the man, who was wearing a cap and sunglasses, then continued to hurry finishing up my work. Suddenly my car door opened, which I knew wasn’t a good news, I STARTED TO RUN CHASING THAT @!#!%#@$. Soon after, his comrades came, one toppling down the hill and another reversing down the lane, and they spoke in Cantonese, faster faster, GO GO GO. While running and feeling frustrated that i had to run on my bear feet, I noticed something in my pocket, hey, the spanner for opening the bolts for my tire. Well, having a weapon, I could not decide on hitting the man who has the bag in front of me, or his friend. So I choose HITTING HIS DAM CAR REAR MIRROR TO MAKE IT LOOK SO OBVIOUS even with his number plate half way wrapped. Oh oh, By the way, anyone knows a car, black, number plate WMG 7779, I think is a Hyundai Trajet.. Keep an eye out will ya... they stole my MONEY.. sob sob...

End up making police report with my leg bleeding from running on hot tar without shoes, then it finally occur to me that those people was the same people from the bank and the traffic light. How dumb could I get without noticing them? ... haih... gotta stop crapping... running out of sequence.. haha... so any1 reading.. Keep an eye out for these bastards...

Things to look out for

1) I think headed down kajang

2) MPV (Traject i think)

3) WMG 7779


Every story would be complete without moral values or teaching... well... based on experience, one might say.

1) Always be aware of your behind when carrying a load sum of money

2) Always suspect ppl wearing cap and sun glasses in the middle of the day in front of banks

3) If ur tyre happen to be flat, seek out why. If it’s a gash line, stay in the car 1st till help arrives. If the robber does 1st, at least ur car still have wheels to travel on.

4) To avoid all unnecessary prevention. Just use online banking, Dammit.

5) Last but not least... Avoid unnecessary running on tar road on a hot day bare footed. Wan know y?

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