Oct 7, 2008

Dubai To Top Its Own Record!!!

Within weeks after Burj Dubai claims its reign as the tallest man-made stucture on Earth, (about a year before its final completion), the city of Dubai is embarking on another super ambitious project called Nakheel Harbour and Tower. Seemingly unobstructed by the global economic downturn, the project will encomprise an inner city harbour which is the only one on the face of the planet and a supertall Nakheel Tower which once completed, would overshadow Burj Dubai. The tower would be over a kilometer tall with 220 serviced floors.

The design of the tower and its surrounding harbour area is heavily influenced by the Islamic Principles with inspirations taken from great Islamic cities of the past, namely Alhambra in Spain, Alexandaria in Egypt, and Esfahan in Iran.

As the name says it, the whole project will be developed by Nakheel Properties, a subsidary of the state owned conglomerate, Nakheel World.

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