Oct 5, 2008

This Is A Story Of A Boy

This is a story of a boy who once lived without any doubts in his live. He was a care free person who didn’t mind how any other would look at him, how he was judge and what other thinks of him as he believes in himself. He was always alone but never lonely when he was in his primary school. He didn’t mind spending his time all alone during recess and after school with his parents. Soon he was in secondary, which he had met a different group of people, whom were lively and loud one might say. He started mingling with them and soon they were best of friends. He started to learn that having friends wasn’t that bad especially with those who understand you well. He met a girl then, whom he felt something different in his life. A funny feeling has intruded his mind. Back then he never had experience a feeling like that. It was in the midst of form 2 they got together. Well being a first timer in a relation, one could say that it was the worse one can be in a relation. Not long after, they parted ways. The boy lived life as normal and so did the girl and they were best of friends, still keeping in touch now and then.

Soon it was form 3, where he had met another girl. At first there was nothing special, but something about the girl drew him closer to her. She was friendly, pretty, and funny and soon, his heart told him that he had fallen for her. He couldn’t get his mind off her. They were the best of friends and he didn’t want to lose her. They would call up each other, discussing on what happen on their day till one day, they expressed their love to one another. The boy then discovers more about the girl, about how caring she was even she was over protective at times. Now he had even want to be with her more, as to him, she was his everything. The relation between them was nothing the boy had ever experience before and probably never will again. They spend most of their time together, in at home; he would spend hours talking to her on the phone. Even when they are not, the girl would even write letters to the boy, stating her thoughts and her love in it.

One day, while conversing on the phone, the boy told the girl, “I love you forever.” The girl then replied, “Don’t say it unless you meant it.” As one know, forever is not one should be wished without considering the fact that forever would mean till death do them apart. The boy then said, “I meant it, I would really love you... forever.” To the boy, every moment he spends with the girl always seem to pass in a blink of eye. He had always wished that time would stop at that moment, but one has to face the reality that time is not forgiving and could never be turned back. But to him, why he needed to stop time, if he could spend his whole time just being with her.

Tragically, one day it struck him, the girl wanted to part ways; with a reason that the boy thought was reasonable that time as they had always believed in each other. With that, they were no longer one, but the boy was always wondered what had he done wrong or what had he not do. “Could we be back together?” he always kept the question deep in his heart. But being hard headed he left thing as it was as both of them were on good terms. They would always greet each other when they met each other; to the boy was quite the heart ache as he would always want to hold her and called her by her nick and telling her how much he still cared for her.

A week went by, and disaster started to show signs. The boy who had always kept his feeling kept in him started to break inside of him. He couldn’t stand it anymore as rage took over him and so like a mindless zombie, he mindlessly wandered off never in class. Soon a chaotic quarrel broke out between them, both of them pushing the blame to one another for who was at fault, nobody knew. Shortly after the quarrel, not only would they not talk to each other, both of them would not even look at each other. After some time, the boy felt guilty of arguing with the girl, thus he wanted to patch things up between them, but all his effort was in vain. The boy did not blame her for being that way and gave her time to cool down.

It’s been years since that incident, yet none of them had made any contact. Most of the time, the boy would still wonder what would be the ending if he was able to made a wiser choice, what was the real reason behind all that had happen and so much more. Even after he had another girl after her, he is still attached to every moment they spend together, and maybe that is why he had no one else in his live. Even if they were just friends, he would be happy as he would know that he could still be there for her as a friend, nothing more. Loving her as a friend would be all that he wanted, to fulfil the 4 words that he wished her. Now, all the boy could do is waiting for the magic of time to bring him forward to face the reality in life. Well, at least now the boy knows, to achieve a happy ending in live, he would have to navigate his life; as to be the writer of the fairy tale.

Destiny is the bridge you build to the ones you love


weipin said...

wah !!!! im speechless n stunt with this story... tak sangka ... hahaha ~ i guess librans are (errmmm how to describe ler???) can express themselves well?? esp with all this jiwang2 type mia things... :P * thumbs up for al...* vr touching :d

+ Love is like a mustard seed;
planted by God
and watered by men +

all the best al ~

kiyuu said...

hoho.. really touching story... but i kinda feel that the story i've heard before... nvm.. are u in love? :P

GurL-FriDay said...

woah. pretty sad i must say. is this your story? i know you wouldn't want people to give you advice ke ape ke kan, but still, i'm going to give you one. hehe. my advice will be, try to contact the girl, who knows what might happen. it's been years and the girl probably have forgiven the boy. and from there, maybe they can build a new friendship. it doesn't hurt to try, kan?

-aL- said...

haha... been there done that... done everything i could... ciz... terpaksa pulak cakap saya... its ok... sebenarnya nak cuba lepaskan... trying trying... ~lalalala... kot >.<

kiyuu said...

so, its really ur story.. really sad to hear dat.. hope u will find a new one soon.. :D

kiyuu said...

eh, it seems that i know where u get the tagline from.. its from My Sassy Girl right? huhu.. i love Elisha! :D

pogzwogz said...

aiyoh emonye =(
nevermind alwyn remember we're always here for youuu~ hahaha <333
Single's Club babe!

-aL- said...

haha... hi pogz... yes yes... i kno that... and u all coming on tues? haha.. some one terbocor dy.. so not my fault..

and kiyuu.. bukan ko dah tau ke cerita ni... buat x tau pulak... and yes.. the quote is from My Sassy Girl... haha...

weipin said...

al... hahaha... inoe dis story too :P./.. u told me b4... lalalalala ~anyway, cheer up fren... :D