Oct 8, 2008

Tagged by: Liyana

State 15 weird things/ habits/ little known facts about yourself.-
The 10 people I tag are to then to follow my footsteps and write their own 15 weird things/habits and little known facts.

1. I'm still single and available. I guess that is quite obvious...

2. I haven't cut my hair since end of May 2008. That explains my long hair...

3. I've been bald for 3 times. Shave it of course, not became baldy-baldy guy...

4. I have many email accounts that starts with one single username...

5. My email username actually was taken from a character in an anime, which i combined it with the stuff that the character obsessed with, computer.

6. I like to play arcade games

7. I rarely come to class early recently, used to be a early bird, but thats last year. hehe.. :D

8. For once, I've gone to the cinema 3 days straight! Can't believe it? Believe it... :D

9. I live to watch dramas, whether it's in Japanese, Korean, Chinese, English, or Malay. But no American soap dramas, please.

10. Sometimes, Chinese always talk Chinese with me, i donno whether it's Mandarin, Cantonese, or Hokkien. This evening, there's a little boy started to talk chinese with me at the arcade after a race. Is it because of my appearance? :D Think so...

11. I'd like to try something new. Thats why i visited places like It's A Hit, a baseball batting cage at One Utama. :D

12. When i eat laksa, i eat it using only three fingers, when i'm not using fork and spoon. That applies to fried noodles and kuey teow..

13. I like to sing Breathe Easy, originally singed by Blue. Quite a 'jiwang'er.

14. Like my friend Liyana, i quite clueless about what do i have to do without internet connection!

15. I like to do pranks to others. :D I'm a naughty boy! :P


Okay, i've been tagged by Liyana, so i'm gonna tag other contributors in this blog, Rizk86, Al, Iziq, Phewlett, Chaeryl Zachary Young, Azrynn, Weipin, Onny, Li Ping, Nand, and Shahmi. Is it enough? Let me see, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11... oh my, there's one extra... i guess it shouldn't be a problem right?? Hahaha.. happy tagging! :D


1.       I am always lost in thought. (not when I am being crazy)

2.       I like “speedos” That’s why u c me sooner than u think

3.       I like going Green Box… for the sake of their free flow water and some songs

4.       I feel like shouting out most of the time

5.       I know I am weird, and keep telling myself weird = special

6.       Ppl think that I am crazy, but they don’t know how crazy am I

7.       I eat too much for my stomach to keep

8.       I usually can’t decide, this that those??? I prefer tossing a coin…

9.       I think everyone is having the same problem. WE NEVER GET ENOUGH OF WHAT WE WANT

10.   I think people such as I, never appreciate what we had till it’s gone

11.   I am trying to be invisible in the community, which I don’t think is possible, so since I can’t, I MAKE MYSELF SO DAM VISIBLE TO THEM

12.   I can never express what I want, because I don’t even know what the heck I want and need

13.   I am still stuck at that time in relationship

14.   I treasure my friends a lot… want me to list them down? Wait…

15.   The last thing I hate bout myself is my MEMORY… I can’t never really seem to remember much even in conversation. In 10 sec, I can forget what u just crap with me. Even in listing this 15 thing I almost forgot to put it in… hahaha

Now that this is done.I can do my work peacefull FYP!!! Gambatte, chickute and bak kut te… wahaahha..


chicz said...

noted - i'm tagged. haha and dah jawab pun!

omg ade baseball batting cage kat OU? knape aku baru tau? hahaha

kiyuu said...

haha.. tak tahu ke? hmm.. dah la rumah ko dekat jer ngan OU tu.. :D ko bley tengok previous posts utk pic aku kat baseball batting cage tu.. :D