Aug 19, 2008

We're Sorry Dr. Bashar and Dr. Kamal !!!

Dear Sirs,

In every competition there will be those who win and those who don't. The winners will get all the fame and glory and those who don't win will have to prove that at laest they tried.

Well, of 4 teams sent by Uniten for the I-StructE Build-and-Break Competition, none of us performed as you had hoped. We failed to get the promised 'something' from the competition. But, its not that we didn't try. Its just that other teams fared better thn us. Looking at the 2 teams that qualified for testing of their structure, they really did a good job building it.

But, when we look back at what we did at the competition, we felt kinda ashamed of ourselves. What we did was, not to call it a disaster but its quite bad and we never thought that it would be that way. Nevertheless, that was what we had built, we completed it and I personally am proud of what we had done.

During the competition, when both Dr. Sabri and Dr. Kamal passed by our table, I felt the sense of hopelessness and that I had betrayed Dr. Kamal when Dr. Sabri commented about the things that protrude from our structure. That must've made him feel really ashamed for having students like us.

So, I would take this opportunity to apologise for the mistakes that we had made. Although we (me and the rest of my group) felt really down and frustrated after the competition, we realize that our loss is totally our fault and other people shouldn't be burdened by our mistakes.

To Dr. Bashar, we apologise to you for not listening to your advise before the competition and proceeded with our own crazy design. I know that you have put a high expectations on us to at least win something since Uniten had never lost in any competition it entered. So our defeat this time may have been quite hard for us to accept.

To Dr. Kamal, I'm sorry for being hopeless and built something that might have embarrassed you in front of I-StructE officials. Fot that, I personally apologise to you.

Yours truly,


-aL- said...

From my oppinion... what we did was not wrong... From the start, we plan to do somthing that people can actually put together and dismantle easily... That method was the way that we were going to build our structure... whats the point of designing something already been done in the world... might as well call this competition COPY AND BREAK IT... makes it some more like the competition then... and for being disquallified... we don't even know the main reason why.. "Belajar dari kesilapan" people always says. but if you don't know what you did wrong, how are you suppose to learn. Maybe because our extension to support the structure was less then 300mm.. but the spesification clearly draws that the FRONT was not suppose to be less than 300mm.. nothing being said about the extension.. so. what else did we do wrong. thats all

kiyuu said...

yeah.. agreed with what aL said.. we actually didn't do anything wrong. followed the competition rules and did not do anything wrong. but the design that we agreed on was kind of extreme and unique at first place. but we agreed on that and i really proud about that. for what dr. sabri told to dr. kamal, i did not know about that and if that so, i really sorry for dr. kamal, like Kayy said earlier. hmm.. i wonder, what we have done wrong that causes us to be disqualified?? any idea???