Aug 19, 2008


"Proud with our creation "

On the 7th of August 2008, ada comp build and break dkt ukm sempena pesta konvo 2008. so dgn semangat kesukarelawan me, alwyn, qayyum n bos masuk the comp. even with little preparation not like other team yg pikir design till morning and using material other than newspaper and masking tape, we manage to get 2nd place beating 10 other team. but the 1st place was also from uniten, so its ok kot.. our design was simple but functional especially out truss.

" 2nd place in build n break at UKM"

WELL, the money we get from the comp which the amount rahsia.. we divide it between us and did something together... at first igat nk pegi maen COD or Call Of DUTY but murah sgt kot,hahahahaha. so, we all went to kelas latihan suara and spend nearly 3 hours there until hilang suara. Somebody asyik nak nyanyi lagu JosH GROBAN " U RAISE ME UP" but takde lirik, so kecewa kawan kite tu.. hhhhmmmm, but at least we enjoy ourself and that is the important thing...

"Alwyn cover perut ke, hahaha"

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weipin said...

tahniah2.. wah menang senyap2.. g latih suara pun senyap2... :P