Oct 2, 2010

JB Trip... 1st part

so tomolo will begin our trip to JB... so the group will be consists of our PM, Khairil @bos, R-Chong , kiyuu and rhaizo.. and will be join by our comrades dkt JB, ARefiq, Geygey, and fatin kot. fatin aku x confem , ni arefiq yg kata. Capik was not around so cancel trip ke rumah dia le kot.

Our main objective was to attend our senior punya wedding, Hafiz Jamil so kebtolan semua org knal dia so kitaorg buat le dis trip. our plan mcm kelam kabut siket so tomolo dlm kereta baru nk decide especially bab hotel. Seorg nk kozi, new york,selasa , ada jugak mention skudai punya hotel budget.. so kita decide dlm kereta esok.

Selain wedding, kitaorg akan bergerak ke umah hafiz utk beraya, pegi pontian ( specel utk geygey), karok dkt diva( wajib), and lepak le dkt danga bay. on sunday, asap ke umah arefiq utk laksa johor pulak. ni specel coz his mom masak utk kitaorg. jgn jeles u all,hahaha.

after that, journey home to kl... insyaalllah, everything will be fine and pgrm berjalan lancar. if this trip is a sucess maybe every rant counts akan anjurkan program laen. maybe ke penang utk lwt alwyn or insyaallah, kenyir utk melawat aku...

R-chOng (2.11am, 2 /10/2010)

P/s: this is the 1st part series of our trip, hopefully masa kitaorg balik. i will upload some pictures and write about our trip.. thanks for reading. see u in the 2nd part.

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