May 12, 2009


well aku baru je balik from australia. earlier than expected because this thursday aku ada important matter to handle and tak bole nk postponed. so dulu mmg plan nak duduk for 3 weeks but due to the matter just one week je..

well australia tgh late autumn , i think or early winter but the weather mmg sejuk ... around 15-20 degrees depends on the city . for me , i spent a lot of days in perth . weather sana tak sejuk sgt but windy coz near to the sea. this time around i spend a lot of time in the western australia, travelling to the city near to perth because this is the third trip for me to australia and never visit any city in WA.

so as mention earlier i stayed dekat place called ballajura around 15 minutes from perth city centre. for the first day, i visited the caversham wildlife park near to my place. intersting jugak le this place coz the animal can interact wit u mcm dlm a big farm house. so u can hug the koala , feed the kangaroo , play with the animal and mcm2 le.. i was able to see mcm mana diaorg potong bulu sheep and milk a cow( which i manage to kuarkan milk, the person said that need some skill baru bole buat and i did on my first try, bangga gak..hihihi). this is recommended for people who loves animal and nk really close to them.

for the second day, i visit more in the city.. the tourist attraction of perth city, which really not that much. some of the place i visit was the swan bell tower, the perth wheel which is more like the eye of malaysia or london or singapore ( u can see the whole city of perth from the top, recommended to see it at night, lawa gila), the shopping district, the supreme court coz yg bawak aku tu lawyer so that the first thing dia tunjuk,hahahaha. the burswood complex is a must see the genting highlands of perth, the casino which anybody above 21 bole masok is really nice ( aku tak maen coz berdosa, but really nice to see the stuff inside) . one more thing the king's park which near to the WA university.

for the third day aku visit the WA aquarium and the surrounding area.. this is close to the beach and the aquarium itself tak le best sgt lebey best langkawi but the surrounding area.. dekat beach ada le utk family but ada private beach for tanning the whole body. this is interesting , tak nak beritahu wht the beach called coz takot ada cuba cari dekat tenet pulak, hahahaha...

for the next day , i visited a place called the margaret river which is about 4 hour drive from where i was living.. this place is where the southern sea meet the indian ocean, so the place mmg lawak gila. around this area ada cave made from limestone. aku masok satu je coz kena bayar and it is not cheap. the cave yg aku masok called jewel cave not because ada jewel but the formation of the rock ada nmpk mcm jewel box so it is called the jewel cave. pelik gila, the cave kering nak mampos coz the water level dh turun below the cave floor due to the weather bumi yg dh panas gila ( global warming). this placed kalo ada air mmg lawak gila but aku still rasa gua mulu in sarawak lagi lawa. the australian goverment protect gila2 tempat ni. u cannot touch the formation coz it makes the rock turn black and this cave semua puteh. the weird thing is that this place ada buat wedding reception. ada le 3-4 weddings in this place, it started wit the founder daughter wedding and dh become mcm a thing in the cave. and i went straight for the leewin lighthouse which was built around 18th century kot.. this is where u can see the two sea i mention earlier bertemu . tempat ni lawak gila , later i put up the picture still tgh tgk which one nk upload. u understand bila letak the picture.. on the way back, i stop dekat city called busselton.. to see dia punya sunset, this placed ada bridge or jetty nearly 2km long.. bayangkan jauh tu, aku jalan the whole way until the end. take me aorund 20 minit but termasok ambek gmbr and stuff. aku rasa le 20 minit tak tgk time sgt.. and one more thing perth time and malysia time same ( weird right) but the time the sun rise and sunset laen gila.. snaa pkol 6.30 dh mcm 10.00 mlysia and 6.30 sna mcm 8.00 sini.. pelik gila..late night news diorg pkol 10.30 mlm kita late night news pkol 12.. hahahaha

the next 2 days, i went to melbourne.. driving , penat gila... i went there to bagi mcm cousin yg tgh belaja dkt monash brg dari malysia yg tak kena rampas dr kastam.. my aunty bagi mcm2 so ada le yg tak lepas..hihiihihi. cousing aku smpi nk belacan le, aku nk explain dekat custom tu kelakr gila. , dia tnaya belacan is made from what le, aku kata i dunno so dia buang ,hahhaahha.. kalo ada org tahu belacan in english apa, pls inform me!!! so in melbourne tak buat byk coz smpi pun mlm so pegi makan fish n chip dekat a arab restaurant near to the mlysia hall so nmpk le few mlysia student on friday night tgh having fun makan.. then tido coz tomolo nak drive balik perth. in the morning, my cousing belaja makan italian.. so kitaorg melantak pasta and vege lasagna and pizza..sedap, hihihihi...

so the last day dekat australia, aku pegi a tour called the penguin,sealion and dolphin tour.. dekat this placed called rockhingham . this is the highlight of my travel. first u pegi dolphin watch, ni dolphin in the wild bukan dlm zoo.. so u kena naek dlm speed bot and try to find the dolphin( easier said than done) dolphin ni is australian bottlenose dolphin diffrent from the normal dolphin in the documentary . diaorg stay in the coastline of australia tak migrant. so dlm boat tu kena pki pocho or baju hujan le coz basah gila. then kena buka mata besar 2 cari, the person in-charge bagi le time for the people in the tour cari.. but semua org dlm tour tu dlm 10 org tak nmpk langsung. then turn diaorg, the crew of the speed boat dlm 3 org, in less than 3 minute dioarg nmpk, a party of dolphin is called for a group of dolphin.. maybe because dolphin ni mmg suka party kot,hihihii... so u can see them jumping, makan fish , making love if u lucky in the wild takde org suruh dioarg buat this is totally diffrent from the ones int he zoo.. after enjoying the dolphins for 3 hourskitaog pegi tgk the sealion which is tottally pemlas..tido je dekat beach. kitaorg lucky enough that one of the sealion rajin and kejar the boat aroung the beach. npk siket le show,hihihihi.. lastly baru nmpk the penguin, ada around 1200 penguins aroung the island near rockhingham.. this is callled the little penguin or fairy penguin. kitaorg nmpk the ones that the ranjer save from the wild n baby penguin yg nearly died.. ada le 10 penguin in captive because this penguin dh tak bole feed for themselves and ada yg dh tua.. kitaorg nmpk dioarg masa feeding time.. so quient intersting to see.. this tour take aroung 8 hour. after that baru aku shopping for sourveir and stuff. this weird thing dekat sini kedai tutup pkol 5 execept friday tutup at 9 mlm. but the kedai buka at 8 in the morning. as i mention, sun rise pkol 6 pagi..

so that is all for my australian adventure.. for one week travel in another country, this is just the summary of my travel but ada byk lagi tp mls nk type and ni pun dh panjang. if ada people nk travel perth, tnaya le aku coz bole suggest place to visit n stuff.. thank you for reading and the picture later i will put it coz still tgh sort out which to upload.

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