Apr 16, 2009

My New Doggie Wooly?

Hi hi.. Finally after waiting so long... and years bugging my mum.. i finally got my... lets c... 1..2..3.. I LOST COUNT of the number... dog named wooly(dun ask me y.. c 4 ur self) 

well 1st of all.. i wanna thank my mum(for letting me buy)... lim goh tong(for the money i won) and to star( for publishing the ad) that i got the dog today... well.. actually wanted a shih tzu but it was kinda too young... so then asked mr ONG.. who was a vet( no no.. me animal dr... zzzz WTH) not same ar.. nvrm.. next time some 1 update me... what dog is low mantainance and small in size.. he suggested Chiwawa... MY mum said she dont like.. well.. i dun blame her.. coz
 like .. no fur and small.. heres the example

So then he suggested another dog... long - coat chiwawa... which i nvr heard b4... and was cute la.. mym oso say ok.. butthen the price is like 600 and 1100.. so leh.. was a hard decision.. then i told my mum i wanted some thing not many ppl have.. coz shih tzu i think u throw stone oso can kena 1.. then ended up with my new doggie wooly... wan kno y? currently he is just my palm size la
c? tat small.. he only can grow up to.. lets c.. my feet size... 12 inch? lolz.. the vet said he only can grow up to lesst than 1 feet... so quite small la.. everday have to look for him.. or not 1 day ended up geting stepped on... coz he loves to follow bside our leg... and yeah.. getting him a bell.. which i think would b hard coz the neck so small.. wonder wat can tie around his neck...

And tis is the photo of a grown up long-coat chiwawa... now u kno y wooly.. hopes he gets to b tat wooly la... dam cute wei

and yah.... small aint he.. hehe.... so if any1 wans a dawg... visit diamondkennel09.blogspot.com or petfinder.my for adoption of cats and dawgs.


kiyuu said...

wahaha... first time dgr org ucapkan thanx to the late mr lim... lol... haha.. kecik gile anjing tu.. aku tumbuk sekali sure mati... ;p.. anyway, jgn kasi dia kuar rumah. nanti rottweiller kejar.. :D

-aL- said...

haha... tu la... anak dia lim dak... haha... dgn dia mmg kecik kot... tapak kaki aku lg besar... -=P