Apr 22, 2009

Am I A Gold Digger?

(Or Murah Rezeki Bila Mengunjungi Masjid)


How should I start my story…

The story began on monday when Foo didn't turn up for work because he got fever. Shuhairy on the other hand had been busy as he had to juggle between his work, extra work, another extra work, exams and also preparation for his wedding. So he basically went in and out of the office all the time.

Came the lunch hour and I were left alone in the office. I felt bored and decided to go to Uniten Mosque for Zohor Prayer before having my lunch at the food court nearby. On my way there, I met my Ustaz who was also going for his lunch. That day he was alone since all other staff at the mosque went elsewhere. So I decided to join him for lunch. We both ate Arabic rice, which comes in a huge portion. We then talked about ourselves and about how I opened a new blog for our neighborhood mosque. He then asked me to make one for the mosque in his neighborhood. Then when we're done eating, he paid for my meal which was to me, quite costly. Hurm… This one is acceptable because he kinda paid for my favor.

The next day, The same thing happened. This time I asked the Ustaz if he had his lunch but unfortunately, he already had his. So I walked out to the food court to have my lunch. Then came my Head of Department (the Boss of my Big Boss who recently came back from Mecca) I greeted him and selamber-ly asked him if he had his lunch. He said he haven't and invited me to join him. Bagaikan "pucuk dicita ulam mendatang" I said to myself "I don't have to eat alone today, at least I got company." So I followed him to the food court. Actually, I am not really close to him as I would with my Ustaz since I was his student for only 1 semester and we never lepak together before. This time we went to the mamak stall beside the arab stall. We took our food and then when it comes to paying for the food, He said to Kabir the cashier to include mine together. I said "Tak payahlah Dr… Seganlah…". Since he insisted I just let him paid but since I was not the type who took advantage of the generosity of others, I cancel my plan for banana smoothie (walaupun if I wanna order also can) and opt for plain water since he had the same.

That was okay but the thing that makes me felt bad was that he finished his meal first and had to wait for me. Then, after the meal I just thanked him and we parted ways. That makes me feel that I'm using him so that I can get free meal.

But, Thinking back what had happened the past 2 days kinda showed me what my mother had always reminded me that when people visit the mosque often, God will be generous upon you and will provide you with livelihood in ways you would never expected.

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