Jan 31, 2009

RED CLIFF PaRT 2.... BEST !!!!

So yesterday after Staad Pro, due to semua dh penat and takde keje except for kiyuu yg ada keje but after dipujuk oleh bob ( bob ko mmg terror pujuk kiyuu) , kiyuu pun pegi and the worst part naek kereta dia. weird coz dia tak nak pegi last2 dia punya kereta jadi mangsa. after berbincang with the geng( bob, kiyuu, me and helmi aka bonser) we decide to go to almanda, putrajaya nearest to uniten. Nasib baek takde org dekat sana so easier nk dpt tiket...

Red cliff part 2 directed by John Woo started of with one of Zhou yu men manage to penetrate Cao Cao's camp which is opposite of Red Cliff where Zhou yu's camp. With the second part, it near to the big battle and the psychological war begins between the two army... the tactic their used mmg best and not like israel-palestine war, this war is about using intelligence, high level tactic, predicting weather like wind and fog , truly a great war..

Lin Chi-ling as Zhou Yu’s wife, Xiao Qiao

Tony Leung Chiu-Wai plays Viceroy Zhou Yu

even though tak tgk part 1, you can still understand the muvi just maybe ada minor detail you tak paham. after the muvi, everybody was happy especially bob coz his dream of watching the second part came true after one whole year of waiting.

for me, rizk86 i give the muvi 4 out of 5, coz of Lin- Chi-ling mmg cun gila.. but the muvi is still great .


rhaizo said...

qayyum kata nk ajak aku. booOoO.. qayyum tipouu~

kiyuu said...

rhaizo, aku mmg nak ajak ko tgk same2. tp yg gi tengok kali ni bukan arrangement aku.. huhu.. diorang ajak aku gi. haha..

Ok la.. utk jadi adil, aku ajak ko gi tengok.. :D amacam, nak?

-aL- said...

tipu tipu... aku pun dia x ajak..