Jan 14, 2009

Apartment For Rent

Looking for a new apartment?

Location: KL, near Lot10, Sg Wang Plaza, BB Plaza, Pavilion

Rent: RM 300 monthly, including water and electricity bills.

Located at the upper floor, penthouse concept, have enough surrounding space, suitable to get-together, lepaking, watching stars.

Picture of apartment:

Picture above taken from Lot10 men's surau. Really interesting to find out that there's still something like this. :)


adzani adnan said...

huh.. if something like really for rent.. i thing better i live in my tent with my green sleeping bed.. huhuhuh.. de plaz was cheap , strategic but not a plz to live lah..

kiyuu said...

yerp.. it suppose to be a joke, but somehow i dun manage to make it funny. huhu.. sad2..

rhaizo said...

tak kelakar pon

kiyuu said...

tau3.. haha.. aku ketawa sorang2 je la.. xP