Dec 8, 2008

Gaki no Tsukai: TV Guide and Mc Donalds

Below is the stand up comedy performed by Downtown group; Matsumoto and Hamada. Matsumoto's story on TV Guide (TV Taro) and Hamada's story on McDonalds' Big Mac. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...


erm, sometimes, japanese comedies are hard to be understood, but downtown and gaki no tsukai just speak for itself i guess.

dh tgk video 'kowaii story' by downtown, not comedic, but it's gud story.

kiyuu said...

hye there!~ yeah.. but it is interesting to hear/see many jokes other than english and malay.

Exactly, 'kowaii story' is not much of comedy, more to light suspense. :D

Perhaps you should watch 'Do Not Laugh Highschool'. Its a punishment game done by the downtown team. Really interesting. Watch it with english subs.


Anonymous said...

i think i've watch it..

the video with the man that count 20, 'ten ten'.. is it?

that is hilarious~

ten ten ten ten ten ten ten..

i'm just happy to learn that someone knew downtown. it's a pleasant surprise. =)

kiyuu said...

yeah.. i've never expect that he'll count like that..

sure, i'm happy too bcos i can share it with someone else! :D

anyway, keep on visiting this blog! :D