Nov 8, 2008

Racist Jokes... EXTREME!!!

Well.. I'm kinda scared to post this one up but hopefully readers can pack up an open mind and enjoy these super silly jokes.

Racist Joke #1

Do you know why the Chineese are mostly rich, the Indians are sometimes rich and sometimes otherwise and a lot of Malays poor?

Well it actually depends on the way they play their drums. (Based on the sounds of their drums)

The Chinese plays it like this - "Uunnn!!! Tonggg!! Uunnn!!! Tonggg!!!"

The Indians plays it like this - "kadang! kadang! Uunnn!!! Tonggg!!! kadang! kadang! Uunnn!!! Tonggg!!!"

And the Malays, well you've guessed it - "Tak!! Uunnn !!! Tonggg!!! Tak! Uunnn!!! Tonggg!!!"

Racist Joke #2

Ever wonder which is the most technologically advanced race on Earth? You might have guessed that the title belongs to the Mat Sallehs or the Japaneese but the answer is NO.

The most technologically advanced people are the Indians.


Because they have been using infra-red communication way long before we even had telephones, let alone having cellphones. This evidence can clearly be seen with the existence of a little red dot on their forehead. This way enables them to exchange thoughts faster enabling them to do complicated tounge twisting while having the other party fully understands it. (Also explaines why communication between them and other races doesn't go very well). But, faulty connection keeps them shaking their heads while talking and some even tapping their heads to get better connection. Nowadays they are considering to abandon their red dot and colour their tooth blue.


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