Sep 6, 2008

Ping Pong Disaster!!!


On the 5th of September, we had our Annual General Meeting for Ping Pong Club...
It was held in COIT, at 6pm

The main purpose of the event was to elect the new MT and members... ( so q is happy cause he is not the prez anymore :P and me not being SU... I HATE SU)

so at 530pm, we had a small discussion on wat to do... then q received a msg from our advisor saying he won't be able to attend and he ask for his frens to sub for him... in a way it was good... but kinda sad

then at 6pm... when we were suppose to start... u can actually count the people in the hall wid ur own fingers without ur toes =.=... well I kno that there are test on that night and so on... BUT WTH... kinda depressing.. i think q was about to jump off a cliff if he was given the chance... hahaha

Then the talk began... bla bla bla... ended in like 20 mins... the fastes AGM i ever been to... =.= i think my bowling agm during my secondary school was more umm.. longer.. hahaha

so then.. wid only ppl less than 20... wat we were suppose to do with the 25 chicken rice and 10 nasi briyani that we already bought... knowing me.. u kno wat happen la...

People that need to be thank for

Afiq... for helping out... haha.. since he is the vise
Qayyum.. for not jumping off
Khai... for being the MC... even it was funny when u annouced.. "i would like to invite myself to recite the Doa"
Rizwan... for being there even if u dun have to come... u were a great help
sop... to fill the hall XP
BOB... to present the kewangan... haha...
and last but not least mua... for eating all the food... XP

haha... so after this... NO MORE EVENTS... no more CLUBS... stick to the status quo(HSM)...
haha.. And gd luck wif all the project. soon all CE students are gonna suicide.. TOO MANY PROJECTS. Rest in PIECES

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kiyuu said...

first of all i would like to say thank you to all of you... secondly, i really didn't expect that the attendance would be soooo poor. huhu.. nvm, we already eat all the leftovers. hahaha...