Sep 29, 2008

China Fear Factor

Hi guys... Looks like is been a very very long time since i dropped a post here.. Sorry ya for inactive for a while... But dun worry.. here are some photos which will ooze you up and always be careful with what you are eating. Not every food is nice as it looks, always beware with these pictures shown below...

Cricket in your cendol
Will you still say YuM YuM???

Human's brain with Hot Dog
(Dunno whether is human's brain or not la.. Looks like it only.. or maybe a chimpanzee.. Not Sure also.. hehe)
Will you still say YuM Yum???

Nice Cake right!... Just imagine... those worms are still moving when you enjoy this cake... Gliding around your mouth then into your stomach.. Yucks... I never want to imagine that either.. hehe
Will you still say YuM Yum???

Take a good look at the salad... You will be able two mices on top of the salad..
Will you still say YuM Yum???

Worms In your Spaghetti.. All look the same but not colours... What if the whole thing is covered by the sauce... U still want to swallow it???
Will you still say YuM Yum???

If im not wrong.. those things inside the pot is "ulat beluncas"... Some people might think is a mini sausage..
Will you still say YuM Yum???

Donuts!!! Those are the baby hamsters...
Will you still say YuM Yum???

Well... As you can see... is snake's head.... Not Steak ya... hehe
Will you still say YuM Yum???

This is what happen in China Fear Factor. Sorry guys for this disgusting stuff. Even me myself while preparing this post also feel like puking d.. hehe.. And dun forget ya... Will you still say YuM Yum???

1 comment:

kiyuu said...

huhu.. i will say yum yum if u buy me dinner. now wanna puke dy. puasa pun already wanna puke. lol. cannot tahan no more. really disgusting set of meal.. perhaps you should make a combo meal like mcd. hehehe..