Aug 23, 2008

Nasi Beriani RM30

This picture shows Nasi Beriani worth RM 30. It consists of nasi and a chunk of mutton and nothing else. The mutton itself costs RM 25 per piece. MAHAL isn't it? Got it from Restoran Insaf, Jalan TAR, KL. Taste like crap. Kayu Nasi Kandar in Taipan USJ has a better nasi beriani than this one. We bought 3 pieces of mutton, 5 packets of nasi, some dalcha and a little bit of acar and it costs us RM 100.00. Some more, they tricked my mother on getting that expensive mutton sedangkan the actual cost for 1 packet of nasi beriani with mutton is only RM 11.(Of course mutton from other parts of the lamb. Not that nice drumstick shaped ones.). I totally dah INSAF. Not to go to that shop ever again...

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