Aug 15, 2008

KANSAI - Sushi Restaurant

We (Me, Raymond, Alwyn and Professor Wong) had our dinner at this sushi restaurant named KANSAI yesterday(14/08/08) at around 8pm. The food is superb compared to other sushis we had before. I strongly recommend this place as the first rating Sushi Restaurant and anyone who read this now.. better go and try.. like what some proverb says.. "No Harm Trying, Right???"
Here are the photos on how the shop looks like, the food and some nonsense stuff..

The Interior Design of KANSAI Sushi Restaurant

The Counter

The Dining Area
-You have to remove your shoes to step into this area-

The Bar Counter

Interesting Foods
Tuna Sushi

Tori Karage Ramen

Scallop Maki

Black Dragon

Hurricane Maki

Special Maki
-Entah kenapa panggil "special" , tapi betul2 special la, haha-

Earthquake Maki

Appetizer 1
-tak tau nama hidangan ini.. tapi bos bagi percuma, wakaka-

Appetizer 2
-Namanya cucumber entah apa dah.. lupa.. sorry ya-

Dessert (SAKE)
-Sorry everyone, tak halal ya-

Last but not least, NONSENSE STUFF

Prof Wong and Me posing
-Ini Wong ingat dia seorang agent 007-

-I'm handsome right.. haha..-

Raymond: Eh, Alwyn ah... How to open this chopstick???

One Happy Brothers
-Tengok mulut mereka, satu melengkung ke atas(Happy) dan lagi satu melengkung ke bawah(Sad)-

-Entah nama apa.. tapi dia suka senyum terhengeh-hengeh-
-Muka dia ada sikit semacam dengan Chua Soi Lek-

Alwyn with his full appetite

Anyone can guess what is he trying to say???
-Here's the answer: No chu yok!!!!-

Drinking Sake together
-Kanpai (Yum Seng)!!!-

Alwyn 'tertidur' after drinking sake.. As for raymond he "high" d

After dinner, we had a walk outside the shops
-Look at Prof Wong, jalan terhuyung-hayang-
-Tak Tau Alwyn nak pose apa la, Superman kot??-
-Semua pun sudah 'high'-

See Prof Wong... Drunk d still can sense girl surroundings, no matter they are
young, teenager or old.. sometimes guys also wan to see.
-No comment for this picture-

That's all folks, the address of this place we kinda forget. Is somewhere around Ara Damansara. So if anyone of u feels like trying out this place, please don't hesitate to ask us and we will give you the directions for it. Happy Trying!!! And one more thing.. sorry Qayyum sebab tak ajak kau.. hehe

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