Aug 26, 2008


well, now a new section is opening in the blog, i called it not sure yet.. when terpikir nama i will name it,hahaha. but the purpose of this section is to promote holiday destination. so, for the first time i will , i present to u all , Hanoi, VIETNAM.. malas nk type byk2 , so here some picture of hanoi .. ENJOY

here is the ho chi minh punya makam. ho chi minh is the founder of modern vietnam, mcm tunku abdul rahman but this place contains his body yang dh kena frozen. because vietnam people adore him so much, u can see him in person but the time allowed is so short , so kena berebut-rebut. ho chi minh never married but he always view all vietnam people and his son an daughter. this is one of the place that u must go and visit.

to go to interesting places in hanoi, jauh gak for example hang lo bay is about 2 hour drive from hanoi city but worthing tgk because it is one of the 7 natural wonder of the world but i think langkawi lagi lawa but that is my opinion. Malaysia BOLEH. so pelancong luar need to sewa tour guide but it is cheap and this can help u in ur journey ahead.

this is a real turtle yang dh kena awet, it was found in the lake next to the temple. ada legend behind this turtle but malas nk cerite panjang sangat.hahaha.. the turtle is 2.1 m long, imagine le

here me and my bro pegi kayuh sampan at tamc kok ( i hope i spell it right) . this is the place where the first king of vietnam punya kingdom. so bole tgk the view by the sampan. the ride is about 1 hour. u can try talking to the org sampan but diffcult, my org sampan english tak bole but french no problem.

so, if u nak travel to any asean countries i strongly suggest vietnam as your place to go for the culture and the shopping...rizwan

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