Aug 29, 2008

How To Be A Popular Young Blogger In Malaysia

Want to be a popular young Malaysian blogger? Here are some useful tips:

Firstly, know your readers or traffic. They are upper secondary school children and those in their twenties.

These are the people who love to read or rather see simple, fun and entertaining stuff. Leave all those political rantings or social commentaries to the older boring Malaysian bloggers or readers.

I know many would argue that most of these so-called young Malaysian bloggers are not actually blogger per se. They don't actually write a lot of quality content. They just paste photos after photos of some cats, food, screwed-up signboards or lots of superimposed pictures.

Anyway, it is for the younger readers to judge. Yes, I know some older folks might find these young bloggers sense of humor childish or silly. Nothing witty or really funny. Just some trite captions to the photos. Cut and paste, superimpose or whatnot. But that is what their readers want, ok?

Forget about pompous language or some heavy intelectual stuff. These young readers want to have a good time and not listening to your long lecture. Just write short posts and always remember never short of pictures. The more the better.

I'm sure you've read or even have written those simple comments in some of those young popular blogs. The comments are mostly short and silly. Ranging from "LOL" to "very funny lah!" . You don't find long intelligent or argumentative comments in these young popular blogs.

To sum it up, know your readers, plaster lots of pictures, brush up your photoshop skills and ignore those old bloggers or readers.

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