Aug 22, 2008

Hangin' out at Rizwan's Secret Party.

Yesterday we (the whole group) went hanging out at Rizwan's house for a kenduri. Me, aL and phewlett arrived there at round 10 p.m. and Qayyum arrived at 11.30 p.m (after sesat for turning at the wrong junction. hehe). That kenduri was so secret that even when we arrive there, we dont even know what function it was. Thinking that it was just a kenduri doa selamat (in fact we even discussed about it on our way there), we weren't wearing any fancy stuff. I was wearing a jubah with sarong (we thought it was a usual kenduri doa selamat, remember), aL with a little bit fancier with his red shirt with some patterns on it and phewlett came with his jeans and red t-shirt. Qayyum came the 'sempoi'-est. hehehe. Well don't want to write much, enjoy the pictures. :D

At the dining table together with Rizwan's uncle,aunt and his grandmother.

phewlett and aL

Well, we didn' stay there for a long time. After finishing our food, its time to move on. Next destination, Asia Cafe!!! Hahaha... There, we played pool till morning...

Me, dress to kill. With SARONG and sleeveless tee. :D

Phewlett showing off his skills.

Rizwan in his green Baju Melayu and Qayyum.


rizk2007 said...

well, bos mmg dress to kill, and showing off ur men bum, hahaha. but thanks for coimng to the secret party and laen kali nk maen pool kena pakai bersesuaian siket

weipin said...

wah... ada 'party' tak ajak... hahaha... boss, sexy la.. :P